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My approach to yoga involves not only the physical poses and movements but how we can take that which serves and supports us from the mat, into our life practice.

Yoga is made up of eight essential parts:

1. How we govern ourselves.

2. How we interact with others.

3. Physical movement.

4. Following the breath.

5. Going deeper within.

6. Focus and concentration.

7. Meditation and devotion.

8. Complete contentment.

Yoga is not a one size fits all lifestyle.

Each person is unique.

Each person comes to Yoga for individual reasons.

We begin by communicating.

We discuss what the needs are and what the client is looking to accomplish.

We talk about any possible limitations...not only in the body but also of attitudes and feelings.

I listen.

During the initial session, I watch how the body moves.

From there, we set a possible course and then go with the flow.

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